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We value our patients' experience at Pelphrey Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Kyle Pelphrey
Your Lexington Chiropractor

For the past few years I was having vertigo issues causing dizziness and nausea which was making it hard for me to work and even get out of bed in the mornings. When I went to Pelphrey Chiropractic, they were able to examine my x-rays and find a neck bone which had shifted from a bad car accident I had in 2010. Dr. Pelphrey was able to treat my dizzy spells and within a few weeks of thorough check-ups, I have not had any vertigo issues since. His facility was very nice, his staff is the best you will find in Lexington, and they are extremely flexible to work around your personal schedule. I would highly recommend Dr. Pelphrey and his Chiropractic staff to anyone.

- Daniel D.

I have been to three different chiropractors in the past six years and Dr. Pelphrey and his staff have by far been the most professional and personable. When I call to make an appointment they know who I am and don’t treat me like just another patient. I honestly believe they care about my wellbeing and want to see me get better. Dr. Pelphrey makes sure to explain things to me in a way that I understand. He is very detailed and always answers any questions that I have. He provides all necessary treatment and ensures that what he does is the right treatment plan for me. Dr. Pelphrey and the staff are very good to suggest different things that I can do at home as well to ease my pain. After coming to the office for 7 months (and now just once a month for a routine adjustment) there is a noticeable change in my posture, the way that I walk, exercise, and even how I sleep at night. I hardly have any pain in my low back or neck since seeing Dr. Pelphrey and if I do they are sure to get me into the office right away. Most of the time when I call they can see me that day! I know others who have gone to Dr. Pelphrey for treatment and they feel the same as I do. He is a wonderful doctor and has excellent employees.

- Brittany B.

I wasn't sure if I believed in the power of chiropractic before I started seeing Dr. Pelphrey. Yet, I spent hours of my nights tossing and turning in my bed trying to help my body feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. There was a consistent dull ache in my back, especially the left shoulder, and I thought that ignoring it was my only option until I started seeing Dr. Pelphrey.

On my first visit, Dr. Pelphrey kindly asked me questions about my experiences with body pain and headaches. Until then, I had no idea chiropractic was a remedy for the intense migraines I experienced about three times a month. I was excited but skeptical to find out that my adjustments could possibly improve my headaches as well. I had been experiencing migraines for about six years and assumed I would bear their burden forever.

Dr. Pelphrey made me feel at ease during his surveying and genuinely attempted to learn more about my body to best heal it. Next, he performed X-rays on my back and was able to identify my problematic areas during the very same visit.

After this welcoming intake, Dr. Pelphrey's medical assistant helped me choose between a hard traction massage bed and heated water bed with massaging jets. I've used both now many times and can attest to their relaxing powers.

Next, Dr. Pelphrey performed an ultrasound on the tightest section of my neck to loosen it up before finally leading me to an adjustment chair and table. The adjustment was much more soothing than I expected and was truly a pain-free procedure. At the end, Dr. Pelphrey set me up on a voluntary adjustment schedule and the benefits have been coming my way ever since!

Since seeing Dr. Pelphrey, I have only had two migraines in seven months. It seems surreal that I once thought they would never go away. Dr. Pelphrey has shown me that with consistent and proper care from him, not only did I stop having migraines, but I also suffered little to no back pain during the day and falling asleep at night became easy. One benefit I had not anticipated was that it also drastically improved my sinuses. With my whole body being adjusted and aligned by Dr. Pelphrey, I'm feeling the healthiest I've felt in years and it is without any prescription aids.

If you are reluctant to try chiropractic, I can promise you that not only can I relate to your sentiment but I can assure you that Dr. Pelphrey will help you feel your best. He is gentle and friendly and maintains a professionalism throughout your entire visit. It is obvious that he truly wants to address and improve any type of pain or misalignment in any patient. Not only is he a tremendous doctor, but he is a man of good character which bodes well for how his business is run.

The office staff is welcoming and treats everyone who enters with respect. I've never waited longer than ten minutes and I've also been able to cancel, reschedule, and add appointments with ease even at the last minute. This chiropractic office is easily accessible, clean, and calm.

I look forward to visiting and consider it one of my favorite places to relax and take care of my self.

If you want to be healthier, look no further than Dr. Pelphrey. Pain is optional. He truly can improve your life!

- Rachel M