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Corrective Exercises

What are Corrective Exercises?

Corrective exercises are specially designed exercises that are designed to correct the body’s structure through corrective and flexibility activities. Chiropractors utilize specifically planned corrective exercises as a tool to help restore balance to the body and to retrain it to move the proper way. Corrective exercises are necessary to correct the misalignments caused by other issues, such as compromising movements in one part of the body.

How can Corrective Exercises help?

It is commonly mistaken that corrective exercises are only for injuries, ailments, or other conditions. But, this is simply not true. Corrective exercises can also be used to improve your overall fitness. Corrective exercises can help alleviate symptoms associated with poor posture, repetitive movements, improper weight lifting or imbalanced muscle training by strengthening your back muscles, as well as other muscles and connective tissue.

Stretching is also an important aspect of corrective exercises that can help many conditions. Simple stretching exercises can maintain muscle tone and flexibility to prevent the connective tissues from shortening and stiffening. Some simple exercises that chiropractors employ include knees to the chest, supine hamstring stretch, oblique side bridge, opposite arm and leg raises on all fours, and neck mobility exercises.

What are the benefits of Corrective Exercises?

Corrective exercises have many advantages that are beneficial for improving ailments or physical fitness for long-lasting solutions to chronic aches, pains or joint problems. Some of the benefits of corrective exercises include:

  • Corrective exercises help to immediately reduce pain. The pain reduction is not permanent, but the exercises can be completed at home for instant pain relief as needed.
  • Corrective exercises help to control chronic and acute pain without resorting to drugs or surgery.
  • Corrective exercises put a large focus on treating the cause of pain rather than addressing only the symptoms.
  • Corrective exercises help to enhance functional or athletic performance while decreasing the risk of injury.

As a result of corrective exercises, many patients report an improvement in their strength, flexibility and posture, in addition to their every day living activities.

How can Corrective Exercises from Pelphrey Chiropractic help me?

Our professional staff members at Pelphrey Chiropractic work hand-in-hand with Dr. Pelphrey to ensure that you receive the utmost care from the minute you walk into the office. During each visit, Dr. Pelphrey will employ specifically designed corrective exercises, in addition to standard chiropractic care, to help your unique condition or injury. Our corrective exercises are developed so they can be completed at your appointment, as well as at your home, so you can experience the many benefits they can provide. Do not spend another day suffering from an ailment or injury that corrective exercises can help treat! Contact our office today and set up an appointment in order to see how corrective exercises can help you achieve your desired health goal!