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Frequently Asked Questions

Being involved in a car accident is an extremely traumatic and stressful event that raises a lot of questions such as

  • How much damage was done to my vehicle?
  • How am I going to get around after this?
  • How much is this going to cost?
  • Who is going to pay for this?
  • Will my insurance premiums go up after this?

While these are all very important and understandable questions to ask, the most important and often overlooked question is:

  • Have I been hurt?

The truth is most people prioritize the health of their vehicle over their own health. A car is replaceable, your body and health is not. Here are some commonly asked questions about dealing with a motor vehicle accident:

Q: What symptoms can occur after being in a car accident?

A: Common symptoms associated with car accident injuries include pain in the cervical spine (neck), thoracic (mid-back), and lumbar (low-back) regions, muscle stiffness and spasms, pain in the upper and lower extremities, headaches, blurred vision, memory loss, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, difficult concentrating, and a number of other symptoms.

The most dangerous symptom is one you don’t feel at all. Many times these injuries do not manifest symptoms until months or possibly years down the road, which is why it is critical to have yourself properly examined after a car accident.

Q: What happens if I never get myself checked?

A: The forces put on your body during a car accident can alter the biomechanical function of the spine and extremities. If left untreated, these can rapidly increase your risk for Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can ruin the integrity of the discs that sit in between your vertebra leading to Degenerative Disc Disease and scar tissue formation. The accumulation of Degenerative Disc Disease and scar tissue formation can result in ruined posture (a hump-backed appearance), chronic pain and stiffness, and an inability to bend and twist as you once did.

Q: What type of Doctor should I see after being in a car accident?

A: The truth is most doctors do not have the necessary training and continuing education to properly diagnose and effectively treat car accident injuries. If you have been in an accident, you need a doctor who is trained in the biomechanics of the human body and treats injuries similar to yours on a daily basis.

Our office is fully equipped with all the diagnostic tools (including x-ray) and therapeutic equipment to effectively diagnose and treat car accident injuries. Dr. Pelphrey has completed an extensive list of continuing education courses in the proper diagnosis and treatment of these injuries and has an extremely high success rate in returning his patients to normal health. He also works with a number of reputable medical doctors and specialists in case a referral is necessary.

Q: Is your care safe? Does it hurt?

A: Dr. Pelphrey treats patients with effective care that has been proven by scientific research. His care is extremely gentle and soothing. Most patient’s notice immediate improvement after treatment.

Q: I’ve been to the hospital and seen my medical doctor? Do I need to see a chiropractor?

A: Typically if you are seen in the hospital for your car accident injury the staff will check your vital signs, do any necessary imaging to rule out life-threatening conditions and release you with pain medication. While pain medication may help the symptoms, they do not correct any structural damage or soft tissue issues that you may have. These un-treated issues will lead to future problems. This may sound like a broken record but you need a doctor who will address theCAUSE of the symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves.

Q: My vehicle only sustained minor damage do I need to be evaluated?

A: There are numerous studies that show that there is absolutely no correlation between damage to the vehicle and injury to its occupants. Whether you were hit at 10 mph or 100 mph, you need to have yourself properly evaluated by a doctor trained in these types of injuries.

Q: If I need treatment after a car accident, do I have to pay for it myself?

A: No, only in rare cases is the patient ever responsible for the cost of their treatment. The personal injury protection (or PIP) coverage in your insurance policy will cover your bill up to a certain limit depending on the policy. In most cases patients are released from care long before that limit is met. If the patient has hired legal representation we offer “on credit” care which does not hold the patient responsible for their treatment bills until their case has been settled. Using your medical coverage should not raise the premiums of your auto insurance.

Our trained staff can answer any questions you may have regarding personal injury protection.

Q: I have received numerous calls from my Insurance Company and they want me to settle, what should I do?

A: Do not settle until you have had us evaluate your injury. When you sign a claim settlement, you release the insurance company of all medical and property responsibility. Once the door is closed, it remains closed forever. Don’t neglect your health for a quick payment that is worth far less than what you truly need.

Q: Should I hire an attorney before seeing a chiropractor?

A: It is important to be evaluated by the doctor first. Once you have the results from all the necessary exams, you will have a better idea if legal representation is needed. If needed, our office can refer you to a number of qualified and reputable attorneys.

- Dr. Pelphrey has extensive training in diagnosing and treating car accident injuries. To review Dr. Pelphrey’s training and continuing education, please click on the “Meet Dr. Pelphrey” tab on the home page to view his curriculum vitae. If you have any more questions, we highly encourage you to request a consultation by clicking on the home page. You may also call our office at 859-296-4889 or email us at